Five Fun Facts from our kitchen to yours...

By Michael V.

Did you know you can keep your fruit juicy and fresh on the go?

  • Cut the bottom of the fruit to make a flat surface. Place the fruit flat side down on your cutting board.
  • Halve the fruit without cutting all the way through it.
  • Cut the fruit into sixths and then close it back up before wrapping it in plastic. The wedges won't dry out and can be pulled apart when you're ready to eat!

Are you sick of the clean up that goes with slicing seedy bagels?

  • Place old newspaper underneath your cutting board to collect all the runaway seeds!
  • After, you can create a funnel with the paper to empty the seeds into the trash and continue to recycle your newspaper.

Did you run out of rubberbands or twist ties, but want to secure the leftover bags of frozen vegetables?

  • Cut a strip of plastic from the top of the vegetable bag and use that same strip to tie your bag closed!

How annoying does it get trying to match tupperware to the right size lid?

  • Just mark corresponding sizes with a permanent marker with a small letter or number of your choice.
  • You will save time and a headache!

Lastly, how awesome would it be to never forget anything again on a grocery shopping trip?

  • Snap pictures of items as you run out on your smartphone and label them under a groceries album.
  • You can write your list as you do normally and use your "groceries album" to add anything you may have forgotten or use the pictures at the store to double-check your cart and cross-reference your list that way.

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